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Police Declare Riot in East Portland

Portland, Ore – Police declared a RIOT on Portland’s east side…after a few hundred demonstrators dressed in black clashed with officers outside the Kelly Building. Earlier in the evening, a vigil was held at Laurelhurst Park for Daunte Wright, the black man killed by a police officer during a traffic stop in Minnesota. Authorities say a crowd of about 250 people then marched over to the facility near 47th and Burnside,  and  some broke out windows while throwing objects including bricks and large fireworks at police.
Glass doors at a nearby church were also smashed and a fire was set in the street. Officers deployed flash-bangs just before ten last night…and they pushed the group away from the building, down East Burnside. Most of the crowd dispersed around 10:30.

Police say at a separate event in North Portland protesters broke windows and slashed tires on police vehicles.




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