PGE Calls On Customers To Reduce Usage During Extreme Heat

PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland General Electric is asking customers to reduce usage during this week’s heatwave.

PGE’s John Farmer says extreme heat puts serious stress on the power grid, “Our power equipment generates heat. It gets hot while it’s working to bring power to all of our homes and businesses. And that puts extra strain on the grid, especially with the high temperatures we’re seeing.”

He says that doesn’t mean you can’t us the air conditioning, just bump it up a few degrees, “we don’t want anyone getting injured in this”.

And he says use appliances either late at night or early in the morning.

And he warns to be ready for potential outages, “What outage kit materials do you have ready to go right now…things like food and water, medicine, prescription medication, special needs for family members.”



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