PGE Begins To Restore Power For Customers

PORTLAND, Ore. -– Crews from Portland General Electric are working to restore power for customers who had power shut off in preventative measures Friday evening.

Service is starting to come back on for 5, 365 PGE customers in the Southern West Hills. Restoration efforts are underway to turn power back on for another 9,385 customers in the Scotts Mills, Central West Hills, North West Hills, and Tualatin Mountain areas, that are among the 10 Public Safety power Shutoff areas.

Strong winds continue in the remaining five areas and in six additional areas where PGE turned off power in cooperation with local government officials and fire agencies. As weather conditions continue to improve, Crews will continue to check for damaged lines and make repairs as necessary, before turning power back on for the rest of its customers.

Customers still with out power can find some relief from 5 Community Resource Centers, open daily from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm until power is fully restored in all areas. These relief Centers come complete with information about the PSPS areas, bottled water, ice, access to charging for personal devices and WIFI access.

PGE’s Mobile Resource centers are stationed at Silverton Safeway, Jim’s Market in Banks, Sheridan High School, Welches Elementary, and Firwood Elementary in Sandy.
Officials say if conditions improve as forecasted, they could start restoring some power by late Saturday evening.

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