Pedestrian Bridge On Its Way To 99W In Sherwood

SHERWOOD, Ore. — The new Sherwood High School with a price tag of $186 million isn’t the easiest to get to right now.  Students entering the building for the first time in September will basically be taking their lives into their hands trying to get from Sunset Blvd. across 99W to Ewert Road.

“There’s a new pedestrian and bike bridge in the works.  The state legislature set aside a portion of the money for that.  It’s about 4 million dollars.  More money will be needed,” said ODOT’s Don Hamilton.

This is a City of Sherwood project.  The city will need to get a permit from the state.  ODOT will provide some level of technical support and guidance.

A woman crosses five lanes of traffic on Hwy. 99W in Sherwood near the new high school

A recent survey of residents shows they would prefer the land around the high school be developed with new homes rather than businesses.

1,700 students will attend Sherwood High School this year.

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