PBOT Eyes South Portland

Photo courtesy of Donna Severson

Portland, Or. – The City of Portland Transportation Bureau wants to carve out part of SW Portland and make it South Portland. OregonLive says it would affect the South Waterfront, Lair Hill and Collins View neighborhoods, about eight percent of SW Portland addresses.

PBOT says the reason for the change is police and fire find it confusing to respond to 9-1-1 calls from addresses that begin with zero and that confusion can delay response time.

Donna Severson lives in South Waterfront and supports the change. She says ” some people, when ever they give off their addresses leave off the zero, the ones that live down here on the South Waterfront and the first responders have ended up at the wrong location.” She says it’s happened to her when friends try to drop by for a visit. ” On Mapquest or Google, it gets confused because of the zero. and so  it immediately removes the zero and sends people up to another location that isn’t the South Waterfront.”

An open house is set for next Thursday at the Mirabella  Auditorium on SW Bond from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. City Council could hold a hearing in May. If approved, South Portland would not come into being until 2020. Signs would include both SW and South Portland until 2025.



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