Passing the Pedestrian Driving Test

Oregon City, Oregon – How well do you know your pedestrian right away laws? The Oregon City Police were testing you, and for the most part you passed the test. Cops used a pedestrian decoy while an officer watched for traffic violations, and radioed ahead to another officer to make the stop. Sergeant Matthew Paschall says they are trying to raise awareness and make the area safe.

It was made possible by Oregon Impact. Paschall says they did issue a few citations for failing to stop, and busted a few folks on their cells phones illegally. Motorists have to stop and yield for pedestrians who are crossing or waiting to cross and at all crosswalks when there is another vehicle stopped on the same side of the road. The final pedestrian safety test of 20-16 will take place later this year. They use intersections specifically with heavy foot and motor vehicle traffic.

Image courtesy of Oregon City Police Department.



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