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Pandemic Leads to a Boom in Kitchen Gadgets

Most of us spent a lot more time in the kitchen during the pandemic.  Either restaurants were closed or we were shy about getting exposed to the virus.   That led to big growth in the sale of kitchen gadgets.  In the first weeks of the pandemic sales of small kitchen appliances grew by 8%. Demand for things like ovens, rice cookers, and blenders grew 40% to 200%.  For companies like Chefwave say recently their most popular items are dehydrators and the Milkmade, which allows you to make your own non-dairy milk at home.  Coconut, Soy, Almond, or Oat Milk- just to name a few.

Myself, I bought way too many, but I can now make several different styles of coffee, home made pretzels or pasta, and I finally got an air fryer.  But the good news is, even with the pandemic coming to a close (hopefully!), I’m still using all of my gadgets and they’re not just taking up cabinet space.


Did you buy new kitchen gadgets and if so, which ones? Are you still using them?  Leave a comment on our Facebook page, or call our listener line at 503-517-6101?

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