PacificCorp Agrees to Latest 2020 Wildfire Settlement for $178 million

PORTLAND, Ore. — Pacific Power parent company PacificCorp is settling another lawsuit related to the 2020 wildfires.  403 plaintiffs settled their class action lawsuit for $178 million dollars.  That works out to $441 thousand dollars per plaintiff.

Another suit known as the James lawsuit ended up with a $220 million dollar award and PacificCorp is still working to pay out those monies.  And there are still more than 1,300 additional class members yet to file for damages.

PacificCorp says they have been willing to settle all reasonable claims for actual damages.   So far they have settled 1,500 cases.

PacificCorp has a proposed ratepayer-backed “Catastrophic Fire Fund” in Oregon to supplement its insurance. Lawmakers in Utah, where PacifiCorp also operates, recently established such a fund.

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