OSU History Professor Says Mass Killings are Worsening

The horror of the Texas school shootings, leaving at least 19 children and two adults dead.  Another shooter opened fire at a New York state grocery store, killing 10 people.  The FBI recently reported on a more than fifty percent increase in active shooter incidents. It found there were 61 active shooter situations in 2021, a jump of 53% from 2020, with a similar rise in the number of casualties. For more perspective on the history of this type of violence in America, KXL’s Annette Newell asked O.S.U. History Professor, Dr. Chris Nichols, whether history shows that we’re seeing an increase.  “Absolutely, we are seeing more and more of them, mass shootings in the U.S.,” said Nichols.   “We’re seeing more worldwide.  But we’re seeing way more in the U.S.   The U.S. rates are just astonishing in world historical comparison.”



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