OSP Trooper Who Barely Survived Christmas Day Shooting Talks Publicly For the First Time

Portland, Or. –  OSP Trooper Nic Cederberg who was shot a dozen times responding to a homicide call in King City the night of December 25, 2016 tells the TV show, Crime Watch Daily, he still has nightmares about it. He tells host Chris Hanson ” every night; I am in a living nightmare. Every night I get murdered. Every night.”

He was hospitalized for 48 days and is still undergoing physical therapy. He says “one of the biggest things I’ve had trouble with is my feet. You know, I’ve lost all the fat and the padding underneath my feet, so walking is pretty difficult. My knee is just getting better to where I can walk on it now.”

He says the shooter, James Tylka, thought he had killed him. Cederberg says ” I remember laying there just trying not to move, because I had no options.”  I was just doing everything I could to stay conscious. Once I heard the other officers arrive who were back like 20 yards, I tried to move my arms so they would know I was there.” The other officers shot and killed Tylka, who had shot and killed his estranged wife a few hours before.

His Portland Police officer wife, Haley says “it changed  how we both look at life. We both wake up every single morning just grateful to be alive and breathing and have each other.’ She says ” he had a million angels watching over him that night. I mean, that’s for sure.”



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