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Oregon State Researchers Show How Long Immunity from COVID-19 Lasts

New research from Oregon State University shows once people are infected and recover from COVID-19, they should have some protection from the illness.
O.S.U.’s research shows having COVID-19 and then recovering from it, should protect people for at least half a year.

Vaccine development expert Dr. Gaurav Sahay says it looks like vaccines can protect people for even longer.

“What I’m learning is Moderna basically is saying that this will last at least a year. What we’re seeing with the data that is there, that the antibody levels are still high, after a couple of months since these were injected. So it looks like a positive sign.”

The new research out of the U.S. and Switzerland found that while antibodies may start to fade after the infection, a specific type of cells in the body “remembers” the virus. They don’t decay after six months but instead start to evolve, and could prompt the immune system to start making antibodies once a person’s re- exposed to COVID-19. The full study’s published in the journal Nature.

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