Oregon Spring Clean Up Is Fast Approaching

Portland, Ore. — Oregonians are being urged to join the Oregon Spring Cleanup on Earth Day this year and be a part of the state’s largest cleanup event. Presented by Portland General Electric (PGE), the event is aimed at restoring natural spaces and improving Oregon’s water quality. Thousands of Oregonians will be participating in the event, which is supported by SOLVE, community leaders, and partner organizations.

Volunteer registration is now live, and organizers are encouraging all Oregonians to sign up for this statewide cleanup event. The Oregon Spring Cleanup will take place on Earth Day, April 22nd, but SOLVE will also be highlighting community events occurring between April 15th-23rd.

PGE has been supporting SOLVE’s mission to take care of Oregon’s natural spaces for more than thirty years. Each volunteer project is aimed at caring for one of Oregon’s most precious resources, our water, from source to sea. Volunteers will be removing invasive plant species, nurturing native plants, and collecting litter to create a positive impact on Oregon’s water quality.

During the 2022 Oregon Spring Cleanup, over 3,500 volunteers removed 44,000 pounds of litter and debris statewide. This year, organizers are hoping to build upon the momentum of last year’s events and encourage more Oregonians to participate.

Each piece of litter collected prevents it from entering nearby rivers, waterways, or storm drains and eventually making its way to the sea, contributing to the global marine debris crisis.

Interested community members can visit solveoregon.org to see a list of volunteer projects and sign up. The website allows you to see a map of Oregon and helps you locate projects near you. All necessary tools and supplies will be provided. The Oregon Spring Cleanup presented by PGE is a great way to connect with family members, coworkers, and neighbors, all while collectively giving back to some of Oregon’s most beautiful places.