SALEM, Ore.- – An Oregon state senator and one of the leaders of a nine-day Republican revolt over legislation aimed at curtailing greenhouse gas emissions is facing a hearing by colleagues over threats to state police and the Senate president.
Sen. Brian Boquist, who served in Iraq and is a former military contractor, warned Senate President Peter Courtney that if he sent the State Police to force him to return during the walkout by the minority Republicans, “hell is coming to visit you personally.”
Courtney had asked Gov. Kate Brown, a fellow Democrat, to order the state police to bring the Republicans back so the Senate could reach a quorum.
A Senate special committee on conduct will hold a hearing this morning at 9 AM.  KXL Political Expert Jim Moore  says the ethics committee should be evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.  He doesn’t believe Boquist will even receive a slap on the hand.  “If the committee splits 2-2 Nothing will happen.”








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