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Oregon Senate President Suggests HB2020 Is Dead

Salem, Ore. — Senate President Peter Courtney announced Tuesday morning on the Senate floor that the Cap and Trade Bill (HB2020) does not have the votes to pass because there are not enough Democrats who support it.

The comment came as the Senate came to order for the 6th day with no Republicans present.

Courtney said “House Bill 2020 does not have the votes on the Senate Floor, that will not change.”

Senate Republicans walked out of the Senate last week to block a vote on the bill.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown issued the following statement Tuesday Afternoon:

“Senate Republicans have blocked a bill that provides a better future for our state and for our children, and the tactics they employed to do so are not just unacceptable, but dangerous.

“This is not the Oregon Way and cannot be rewarded. The Republicans are driving us away from the values that Oregonians hold dear, and are moving us dangerously close to the self-serving stalemate in Washington, DC.”

“It’s now up to Republicans to prove me wrong. Are they against climate change legislation or are they against democracy? If they are not back by Wednesday afternoon, we will know the answer.”

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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