Salem, Ore. – Convicted killer Omar Michael Carroll will stay in prison for at least a couple more years until he has another parole hearing. The Oregon State Parole board made it’s decision this afternoon. According to people at the hearing, Carroll did not present a significant release plan, for if he were to be released. The board reportedly said he is the first prison to come before them without a release plan in place. Carroll allegedly told the board he would be willing to do anything they asked of him in order to be released. He will stay in the Oregon prison system until he’s eligible for his next parole hearing in two to four years.

The victim’s family tells KXL they are pleased to know we won’t be on the streets for some time, but they are not really happy about having to go through another round of this in the future. They say they’ve been through over a dozen similar hearings, all have resulted in the same outcome: officials deciding to keep him locked up.

This is the first time Omar Michael Carroll was up for parole in a decade. As we’ve been reporting this week, in 1985 at 17 years old, he stabbed to death 13-year-old Tina Marie Jones at Oaks Bottom Refuge park in Southeast Portland. He was sentenced to life, prior to Measure 11 in Oregon. He has served his 10 plus 15 years. The board was deciding whether or not we has still a threat to the community. We’ve spoken with the victim’s family who fears for their safety and others safety, based on what Carroll has said in parole hearings and media interviews.

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