Tuesday next week, you get to PRETEND to vote for Judges.

The Oregon Constitution GUARANTEES your right to vote in Judges.

But it’s really a complicated conspiracy and I’ll tell you how it works. 

Judges make hugely important decisions: Divorces, business disputes, whether you get locked up for life or walk free.

Big stuff.

But democrats decided they can’t leave the choice of Judges to idiot citizens.

So, nearly every Judge quits right in the middle of his or her term. That lets the Governor, democrats for the last 40 years, appoint their replacement.

Then in a couple of years, most run for election for the very first time.

Nearly all the time, no one runs against them.  You have to be a lawyer to sit on that bench and if you run against a Judge and lose, which most challengers do, your law career is toast.

As the Daily Dead Fishwrapper points out, 7 of the 12 Multnomah county judges didn’t even bother to put a statement in the voters’ pamphlet.

Why would they?  

They’re running unopposed and a dead bang certainty to win. 

The quid pro quo for Judges, when they do quit, they quit in the middle of their terms.

That lets the Governor replace them.

Governor’s control the courts and voters get no real choice.

Sounds like a Democrat Party dream to me.   

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