Oregon House Votes Yes on Allowing People to Pump Their Own Gas

For the first time since the 1950s, Oregonians may be able to pump their own gas.   There are still concerns from some lawmakers about that.   Representative Jami Cate, a republican from Lebanon, explains why she opposes the idea.  “Fear of where this moves to, of fear that if we move to a fully self-service state, that people with disabilities, that people who don’t feel safe at gas stations at night would have to get out of their cars.  And really just that uncertainty.”

But still, by a 47 to 10 vote,  a bill that would allow drivers their choice passed in the state house.  Supporters say it will help ease a labor crunch affecting gas station owners.  House Bill 2426 would require gas stations to keep half their pumps for attendants, and offer both self and attendant service.  Next, it goes to the state senate, and if it passes there, to the Governor.  Only one other state, New Jersey, doesn’t allow people to pump their own gas. 

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