Oregon Governor Kate Brown Could Be Recalled As Soon As October

Portland, Ore. – While Oregon Governor Kate Brown is laying out new rules today for masks and groups during the Covid-19 pandemic, some Oregonians are working hard to recall her. Chairman for the Oregon GOP Bill Currier tells Lars Larson on KXL this afternoon, they’re on track to turn in about 100,000 signatures over what they actually need by the end of August. They need 300,000 signatures to move the recall forward. Signatures have to be verified by the Secretary of State’s office, and often some signatures turn out to be bad or fake. That’s why they are collecting so many. If it all works out for Republicans, Brown could be recalled in a Special Election as soon as October. They have until the end of August to turn the signatures in. Then they have to be verified. If they are, Governor Brown could voluntarily resign, or it would go to voters in a Special Election.

Things are looking a lot better for those behind the recall efforts this year. Currier says they have about three times as many volunteers this year at over 135 locations gathering signatures. You can see a map of locations here. Recall efforts came up short in 2019 because multiple groups trying to recall Brown ended up working against each other rather than as a team. Currier says they are doing things differently this year and the numbers are looking good. They are validating  signatures in an automated way, to account for bad signatures or fakes. This way they make sure they know they have enough legitimate signatures. They are numbering the petitions, so they can track the signature gatherers better and see which sheets are coming back full of signatures. Currier says it’s helping them track hot spots to get more signatures and the most bang for their buck.

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Listen to the interview with KXL’s Lars Larson and Oregon GOP Chairman Bill Currier here:

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