Oregon Coast Craftsman Living The Good Life

TILLAMOOK, Ore. —  Ken Aufdermeyer is the owner of Bewley Wood Working in Tillamook, Oregon.  He’s been working with his hands for years and has a shop about 6 miles away from the regular Saturday market location downtown.  About 8 years ago, Ken decided it was time to take the plunge.

So, he gave up his regular gig and shifted to full-time furniture making and selling.  He tells KXL’s Brett Reckamp he already had the shop and tools and enjoyed doing it so much, he figured it was time.  At least once per week he takes his hand made furniture to the local farmer’s market and sets up.

Ken says his family loves to chat!  So, it’s the interaction with the people at the market that he enjoys the most.  Brett bought the chair and ottoman you see in the main feature photo as a gift for a family member.  You can listen to Ken and Brett’s entire conversation using the link below.  And check out Ken’s items and stories on his Facebook Page.

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