Wood Village Russian Deli Customers Get Aggressive

Babushka means “grandmother” in Russian, and at Babushka’s Russian Deli and Bakery in Wood Village it is all about family.  They came to the United States decades ago and don’t even have any family members left there.   Lily Kharitonenko is the manager and says her father was born in Ukraine, but people don’t realize that, and because they see the word “Russian” on the sign outside the business, they’ve threatened to boycott them.  They’ve also come inside and yelled and cursed at them.

Inside, you’ll find signs that say “Pray for Ukraine”, and there are flyers posted on how to help the people of Ukraine.

By the way, the food from Eastern Europe is delicious!   Here are some photos from Babushka’s in Wood Village, Svitoch’s, and European Market and Bakery in Vancouver.  Dediko‘s is acutally a sit down Georgian restaurant in downtown Vancouver.  I loved everything I ate there!

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