Northwest Made Holiday Market Features Beaverton Tea & Chocolates Company

BEAVERTON, Ore. — Mercy Corps, a major supporter to women-owned businesses is encouraging Christmas shoppers to get online and shop with the Northwest Made Holiday Market, which features 100 BIPOC and women-owned businesses in Oregon and Washington.

Anne Johnson is the owner of Mamancy Tea & Chocolates.  She has two store fronts; one in Beaverton and the other in Hillsboro.  Born and raised in Kenya, which is a British Colony, she drinks a lot of tea and has learned about tea horticulture.  She turned her passion into a successful business selling loose leaf tea and chocolate truffles.  Anne loves the creativity.

Anne Johnson, Owner Mamancy Tea & Chocolates

When asked about pairing tea and chocolate together, Johnson says: “Why not?  Tea and chocolate should be married for life.  Why not have a sweet thing with the tea.  I took online classes to learn how to make the chocolates.  That’s how I decided to sell the two things together.”

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