No Prison For Journalist Who Displays Gun During A Protest

PORTLAND, Ore.–  Journalist Michael Strickland will serve 3 years probation and 40 days in jail on weekends for waving a gun in a crowd during a Don’t Shoot Portland protest last Summer.  Strickland has maintained he felt threatened by the crowd.  He does have a concealed carry permit.  In addition, Strickland must do 240 hours of community service to be completed by June 1, 2018.  he does not need to report to jail until august 1, 2017.  He will pay the court $100.00 for each misdemeanor  and $200 for each felony.

He will not be allowed to video or record any person or event before next January.  After that time he will need to get the probation office approval to set terms and conditions.  he is not to have any contact with victims in the case.  Attorney’s Jason Short and Chris Trotter plan on filing an appeal.  Even before that they will be asking for a new trial.  During a  pre-sentencing investigation

it was determined that Strickland should autistic tendencies or Asberger’s syndrome.  Those findings could greatly change the course of a trial.




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