Nike Lands Possible #1 Overall NBA Draft Choice Ben Simmons

BEAVERTON, Ore. — Ben Simmons is now a Nike guy. He announced his decision on the Twitter feed of@uninterupted.

The 19-year-old 6′ 10″ star born in Australia spent one year at LSU. He is expected to be drafted either #1 or #2 overall by either the Philadelphia 76’rs or the Los Angeles Lakers. The 2016 NBA draft is June 23rd.

Simmons was in the Portland area in 2014 during the Les Schwab Invitational with his #1 ranked high school team Monte Verde. He was the #1 overall high school recruit at the time and was easily the best player on the floor winning tournament MVP.

ESPN is reporting Simmons took less money than Adidas was offering to sign with Nike, terms of the deal were not disclosed.



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