New Walking Group Checks Out the Vancouver Waterfront

Spring has sprung and more people are outside.   If you’ve needed some motivation to get moving, there are a lot of walking, running and biking groups you can join.

Vancouver Nurse Mary Kay Johnson formed a Nature Walking Group on MEET UP.  It’s an all-age, all-ability group.   Wednesday was the first walk for the group, and it happened to be National Walking Day.  Some have joined up for health, others because they’re new to the area, and Don from Portland did it because he’s on a weight loss mission! (He’s shed 80 pounds since Nov 2021!)

This one was along the Vancouver waterfront, but the group will be walking in other locations as well.  If you don’t want to take a trip across the bridge, there are walking groups in communities across the Northwest.  The groups meet rain or shine!

Veronica Carter tagged along with a walk on Wednesday.

Photo credit: Veronica Carter


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