Portland, Ore. – When it comes to coronavirus, Oregon bowling alleys are certified safer than restaurants and gyms, and they have more space. Now they’re asking the Governor in a new video, why can’t we open? Bowling is the number one participation non-contact sport in Oregon. Last Summer 60,000 kids across the nation signed up for a free bowling program. Half of those kids were from the Portland metro area.

Tanya Zwicker is the Executive Director of Oregon State Bowling Proprietors Association, she tells KXL they’re asking that bowling centers be moved into phase one like restaurants. 13 bowling alleys in Oregon have been shutdown since March, leaving 1,200 employees out of work. They’ve cleaned up to new covid standards so they can open and she says
its costing bowling alleys more money than restaurants to be ready for customers, that they aren’t allowed to have.

KXL’s Jim Ferretti talked with Tanya Zwicker for this story:


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