New Plan for Oregon’s Health Staffing Crisis

SALEM, Ore.—Workers unions and hospital representatives say they’ve got a new plan targeted at Oregon’s health staffing crisis.  Now they’re a step closer to writing it into law.

they’re working on House Bill 2697, which would require hospitals to have staffing plans to address the burnout that nurses have testified about.  In public hearings,  nurses have said they’re overworked and understaffed, “You’re pushing these people past their breaking point.”

Though at first the hospitals and health care systems argued against the bill, now negotiators have worked on compromises that address the concerns: “One nurse for one patient in the emergency trauma department.”

The groups plan to share the details of their agreement with lawmakers next week, and they’re going to have another work session. Right now the plan has baselines for safe staffing levels. They’re also pushing for forty million dollars for training, to get more workers in the pipeline.

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