New Flaming Hot Burger Available at PDX SLIDERS

How hot is too hot?   PDX Sliders has a new breaded chicken breast cutlet, called the Ronnie Scoville.  It’s named after local food writer Ron Scott, who writes for PDX EATER.  He asked PDX’s Ryan Rollins to add a “burn your face off” sandwich to his menu.   Rollins did, and it’s on the menu at the Sellwood PDX Sliders.  You have to sign a waiver to eat it, and if you do, you get a free hat.  Rollins and Scott say you’re going to need a gallon of milk or so to cool yourself off after eating it.  Ron admits tears came to his eyes after the second bite, and he almost quit about two-thirds of the way through.

Ron loves spice and put together a map for EATER about where to get the hottest food locally.  The sandwich is called the Ronnie Scoville after Ron, and the Scoville pepper rating system.

You can see more of the videos on their Facebook page, and you can hear Ron’s story here:

And yes, PDX Sliders has plenty of burgers that won’t burn you from the inside out!


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