New Evidence Shows How Bad Pit Bull Attack Was


Pierce County, Washington – A UPS Driver in Washington continues to recover after being viciously attacked by a group of dogs while on the job. New evidence shows just how bad it was.


It happened three weeks ago near Puyallup. The vicitm Kevin Backlund went into a fenced yard to deliver a package and four pit bulls attacked him. He jumped up on top of a trailer to try to get away,  but one of the dogs latched onto him and would not let go of his leg. Witnesses tell KING 5 they felt helpless because they couldn’t go in to help, out of fear of their own safety.

The neighbor says you could see the blood all over his arms, legs, all over the trailer and his boots. Everywhere.

When first responders got there to help, a woman inside would not open the gate. The firefighters felt his life was in danger, so they forced their way in and saved the man, pulling him to safety.

Backlund’s attorney says he just had 132 stitches removed. He’s still on antibiotics and has to go to a clinic to treat his wounds every other day. The Dog’s owners face felony charges, and authorities could decide to put the dogs down.

Images via King 5:




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