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New Book About Oregon’s “Climate Kids”

A court ruling coming any day now, could send a famous federal lawsuit that started in Oregon, to the U.S. Supreme Court.

A Portland author has just published a new book, about the Oregon children involved in the “Juliana versus the United States” case.

Lee Van Der Voo says this year’s devastating Oregon wildfire season has a connection, to two kids at the heart of the Juliana case. “The two Oregonians from Southern Oregon who are litigating impacts to their family farms, are in part litigating increased risk from wildfire.”

As a journalist, Lee Van Der Voo has covered the lawsuit which started in 2015. KXL’s Annette Newell asked her about the devotion of the kids to this issue. “They’re really committed to the cause, and very well educated on it,” she said.

Her book “As the World Burns,” is about the children, who say the government violated their constitutional rights, by causing dangerous carbon dioxide concentrations. “No matter how it ends in the courts, the kids are winning the culture war. And that’s incredibly important,” she said.

Lawyers in the Juliana case are asking the full 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to hear their arguments. Earlier this year a three judge panel from the 9th Circuit declined their request. Van Der Voo predicts it’s likely that the lawyers will eventually appeal the case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Oregon’s State Supreme Court recently turned away the case at the state level.

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