Multnomah County Rolls Out New Strategy To House The Houseless

PORTLAND, Ore. – Multnomah County has rolled out its new strategy to house the houseless.

Called “Move-In Multnomah”, the plan calls on landlords to sign up to offer their rentals to those in need.

“I believe in both/and solutions to homelessness. I’ve helped lead the single largest shelter expansion in our history, and now it’s time to supercharge our work ensuring people have a place to go after, or instead of, shelter,” Multnomah Chair Deborah Kafoury said. “People need stable housing. Landlords have vacant units. We can cover the rent and keep people stable. So let’s work together. Because no apartment should sit unoccupied while our neighbors are fighting for survival outside.”

Landlords who participate will be given a list of incentives. They include:

  • Rent guarantees for up to 12 months (duration of a lease)

  • Holding fees to cover rents for vacant units while a tenant is being secured

  • A hotline for housing providers to connect with tenant case managers if needed

  • Damage coverage: Resources to cover damages beyond the cost of the security deposit

Applications are due by June 30th. Find them at

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