Multnomah County Investigating Alleged “Brutal Assault” At Glenn Otto Park

5/19 UPDATE: The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office says after receiving at least 90 tips, it has identified all but one of the people who allegedly swam across the Sandy River on Sunday and attacked two brothers at Glenn Otto Park.

The one person not identified is a man who is caught on camera kicking one of the alleged victims.

The case is being investigated as a possible bias crime after homophobic slurs were allegedly heard before and during the incident.

TROUTDALE, Ore. – Several men are caught on camera swimming across the Sandy River to Glenn Otto Park in Troutdale around 7:30 Sunday night and then punching, kicking, and stomping two brothers.

One man is also seen using a stick as a weapon.

Multnomah County Chief Deputy Nicole Morrissey O’Donnell says homophobic slurs were heard before and during the attack, instigating a bias crime investigation, ““This is a serious and appalling assault that occurred in broad daylight at a family-friendly, riverfront beach…We are actively investigating the assault, and we are urging the public to come forward with information that may lead to an arrest of these individuals. Violence has no place in Multnomah County.”

Here is video of the attack:

If you recognize any of the alleged attackers, contact police.



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