HOOD RIVER, Ore. – The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is investigating multiple reported cougar sightings in Cascade Locks, as well as one in the Post Canyon area, “Right now they’re unverified reports, so we’re going to check it out.”

And Wildlife Biologist Kalysta Adkins says if they do verify the big cats are roaming those areas, they’ll be very concerned, “It signifies a cougar acting out of its normal behavior.” 

The latest reports come on the heels of a cougar being killed near Bridal Veil after it attacked two goats and tried to get into a home. But, Adkins says she’s not surprised by any of this activity, “as we start moving more into their territory, and that buffer zone decreases, we anticipate this to continue to happen.”

She says she’s not sure how they’ll handle the situation if a cougar, or cougars, are found, “Very situation, so we’ll just have to go and monitor and see what we find.”

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