Multiple Brush Fires And One Explosion In Longview

Longview, Wash – On July 4th, firefighters in Longview responded to a series of incidents caused by hot weather and fireworks usage, resulting in multiple brush and grass fires. A total of 13 fires were reported, with some spreading to fences, sheds, outbuildings, and garages. Fortunately, no homes were lost, and structural damage was primarily limited to exterior surfaces.

The most severe incident took place at 447 23rd Avenue, where a detached garage experienced an explosion and subsequent fire. Emergency calls were received at 12:05 am on July 5. Upon arrival, ambulance and fire crews discovered a critically injured man in the driveway. Bystanders and the Longview Police were administering first aid, and the man was urgently transported to St. John Hospital by ambulance. Firefighters swiftly extinguished the garage fire and secured the scene for investigators.

Preliminary reports from witnesses and evidence collected at the scene indicate a powerful explosion, although the exact source and cause remain under investigation.