Mouth Painting: A Story Of Perseverance & Triumph

Chicago, Illinois – Imagine having your hands and feet taken away from you and you have to re-learn how to do everything by mouth. KXL’s Jacob Dean talked with a professional artist Mariam Paré about how she overcame her life’s biggest obstacle to follow her dream.

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Mariam Paré was born to be an artist. She went to college to study art history. Sadly At 20-years-old, she became a victim of gun violence She was shot in the back and left her without use of her feet or hands. Not even that could keep her from her dream of becoming a professional artist.

She says painting was easy for her, but after her life changed, it was hard starting over from scratch.

Now she’s one apart of the The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Organization, alongside about 800 other painters around the world.

Now is a really important time for many artists who make their livings by designing holiday cards. That’s where your help comes in. You can see all the cards and other items painted by Mariam for the 2017 holiday season at The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists organization website .

Click here to visit Mariam’s website to see more of her art.

Read more about The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists organization:
Artists Celebrate 60 Years of Independence
with Christmas Cards Painted by Mouth or Foot

Mariam Paré could have given up after she was shot in the back at the age of 20. Instead, this remarkable woman continued her love of painting, producing incredible works of art with her mouth. Today an accomplished artist, Paré is one of almost 70 American painters who paint with their mouth or feet.

The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA), is an organization created and controlled by artists who hold the paint brush with their mouth or foot. This year, the MFPA celebrates its 60th Anniversary and has now grown to more than 800 painters from around 80 countries around the world. They make their livelihoods mainly through the sales of Christmas greetings cards, reproduced from their unique, original paintings. You can see all the cards and other items available for the 2017 holiday season at

Mariam Paré was born December 1, 1975 in Kenitra, Morocco and her family moved to the United States when she was a small child. Mariam was in college working on her Art History degree when, at age 20, she was left quadriplegic due to an accidental gunshot wound. In 1997, she began to re-learn to paint when introduced to mouth painting by an occupational therapist and now enjoys painting in various mediums including watercolors and oils that reflect her love of movement and vibrant colors. Mariam now resides in Chicago, Illinois. Mariam was promoted to Associate Member in 2015.

Images courtesy of Mariam’s website



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