Portland, Ore. — Brent Fair says he was walking towards the bus stop on McLoughlin Blvd and SE Naef Rd on Friday, March, 1st.  “I was on my way to work to my regular bus stop,” Fair said. “When I approached it I saw this man in nothing but a tarp and a jacket laying there at the bus stop.”

Fair says he sat down and talked with the man who said he was on his way to Beaverton for a court date.

Fair says he offered the man $10 so he can get some food and something warm to drink.

As the bus approached, Fair says the man started to gather up his belongings to get on the bus.  “I got on the bus, the bus driver was showing signs that he was getting ready to pull off.  I was like I believe he is getting on behind me sir.”  That’s when Fair says the driver shut the door and left the homeless man behind.

Fair filed a complaint with TriMet a short time after the incident took place.

TriMet responded to KXL questions about the incident with a written statement:

We received a complaint and are conducting an internal investigation. While we cannot comment on an incident that is under investigation, we can tell you that TriMet strives to deliver excellent customer service. If this incident is proven to have occurred, it does not reflect TriMet’s values and doesn’t reflect the hard work of the vast majority of our 1,300+ bus operators who work diligently day in and day out to get riders were they need to go.

Fair says he is disappointed in the drivers actions.