Message From Portland Police: Slow Down

PORTLAND, Ore–Sgt. Ty Engstrom with the Portland Police Bureau Traffic Division shares that the number of citations for driving over 100mph or more than 31 mph over the posted speed limit nearly tripled from 2019 to 2020.  The message is everyone needs to slow down to keep ourselves, our families and others safe.

Sgt. Engstrom videoed himself at the scene of the first fatal crash of the year  which happened at 112th and S.E. Division in a high crash corridor. the posted speed is 30mph.

A teenager lost his life there.  the speed was so high in the crash it ripped the engine from the car it put the traffic signal and the pole right where the driver’s seat and steering wheel would be. The city has experienced too many traffic fatalities already in 2021 more than the past 3 decades last year.


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