McMenamins Ransomware Attack

 A ransomware attack hits a popular Portland-based hotel and brewpub chain. 

 McMenamins says the attack may affect its employees’ personal information, but not its customers’.

McMenamins operates 56 hotels, movie theaters, restaurants and pubs in the Northwest.  The company says the invaders may have gotten hold of employee records, like names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, social security numbers and bank accounts.

In a ransomware attack, a cybercriminal uses malicious software to block access to a company’s computer system, until the company pays a fee to the attacker.

McMenamins says it identified and blocked the attack on December 12th.  Then it called the FBI and hired a cybersecurity company to find the source and full scope of the attack.

McMenamins is offering its employees identity and credit protection services.

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