Mayor Ted Wheeler Outlines 3 Point Plan To Slow Surging Gun Violence In Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland is on pace for the deadliest year in decades, “283 people have been injured by gunfire…46 people have lost their lives to gun violence.”

But Mayor Ted Wheeler says there’s a three point plan to turn things around, “Refocus. Reform. And Re-Staff.”

The Mayor says the city will refocus on the policies and programs that help the community survive, “We must recognize that prevention efforts require time and investment to disrupt the cycle of violence.”

He says the new Community Safety Division will be in charge of reform, “We anticipate that the Focused Intervention Team will be fully staffed and activated by late November.”

And to re-staff, he says he will submit a retire/rehire proposal to bring more police officers back to work, “An estimated 80 officers are eligible to return to work.”

He says he takes full accountability to make Portland safer.


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