Portland, Or. – 75 year old John Hemstead is recovering from dog bites to his chin and hands after he was attacked by a St. Bernard Sunday while walking his 5 year old Sheltie on the Springwater Trail. He says the dog latched onto to his dog and only let go when he punched him. He and his wife rushed their dog, Jasmine to the vet where she was euthanized because of her severe injuries.

Hemstead wants the St. Bernard to be put down. Multnomah County Animal Control is investigating and is asking for anyone with information about the St. Bernard or the young woman who was with it to contact them.

Hemstead says the dog was on a leash, but broke free from the woman. He scooped up his dog to protect it and says the St. Bernard knocked him down. He says the woman told her the dog had never done anything like that before.

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