Man Accused Of Murdering Trans Teen Given Low Bail

Vancouver, Wash. – The man accused of killing a transgender woman from Vancouver will be arraigned in court today.  25-year-old David Bogdanov is facing several charges. Police found the remains of 17-year-old Nikki Kuhnhausen in the Larch Mountain area of Clark County, months after she was reported missing. It’s believed that she was killed after revealing she was born a man and transitioned to a woman.  A judge set bail at 750,000. with 75,000 David Bogdanov could bail out of jail .  He pleaded not guilty to all charges and a trial date has been set for July 6th.

About 100 Nikki supporters came to the courtroom.  They prayed for the family and hope David would not be granted bail.  The Prosecution recommended no bail or 6 million dollars thinking Bogdanov is a threat to the community and especially LGBTQ members.

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