Luyster’s Son Will Not Testify At Least At This Point

VANCOUVER, Wa.–  Judge Robert Lewis had ordered Brent Luyster Jr, 13 years old now to take the weekend in Juvenile Detention for not being willing to testify for the prosecution against his father is accused of aggravated murder in a triple homicide case that occurred in Woodland Washington a little over 18 months ago.   Attorney Michael Borge asked the judge last week not to force the boy to come to court .  Brent Luyster Junior Appeared Wednesday he virtually judge out of the witness chair scream ing and swearing at the judge.  he left the court in tears.  Borge had discussed waving attorney client privilege to share the boy’s story with the court.

Several days later now, Brent Luyster Junior has not changed his mind.  He does not want to testify, according to his Attorney.  Judge Lewis released the criminal contempt of court order. The prosecution decided not to force the traumatized teen to testify: it seems that psychologists and attorneys agree they are all concerned about his mental, physical, and emotion state.

As testimony continued today, the doctor who first examined Breanne Leigh in the emergency room at Peace Health took the stand for A second time.  Leigh was shot in the face.  Detective Fred Neiman also testified showing Brent Luyster’s shorts and dark gray tennis shoes  to the jury.  Other items were shown to the jury too including a purse, a picture of Luyster taken by police. Neiman also discussed viewing the surveillance video from the AM- PM  from when Leigh entered the store wounded and in need of medical attention.  He commented how people in the store rushed to help the injured woman.



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