The Lure And Danger Of Mt Hood

(Photo of Mt. Hood)

As I watch the tragedy that happened on Mt Hood Tuesday, I’m reminded of just how powerful and dangerous it can be.

Fear, respect, and curiosity are all emotions that come up when I see it up close.  We are so small on the backdrop that is Mt Hood.  I also can’t help but notice just how beautiful,  majestic, and seemingly inviting it is.  The blue sky in the background also ads to the lure.  I am in awe. I have never climbed Mt Hood but I totally understand why people would want to.  I’ve also covered stories over the past 20 years of stranded hikers, rescued hikers, hikers lost in a crevasse never to be seen again.  That brings me back to the emotions of fear and respect.

This climber explains to reporters (including KXL’s Mike Turner in the background)  just why it was so dangerous out there.  The video was taken and posted onto Oregon Live.

I want to send my condolences to the families of the climbers who were hurt and the one who lost his life on this big mountain.  You will fill the headlines…. and our hearts on this day…and for days to come.



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