A lot of folks set new goals for the new year, that includes boosting relationships or improving your dating game. Hannah Lindner is an expert on “Swipe Life“. She says it’s time to throw out some old relationship rules… like, folks used to say, “don’t get physical too early”. Now Lindner says, “get physical whenever you’re ready.” Women and men like to be affectionate, flow on your own timeline, not anyone else’s stereotype.

Another oldie, don’t fall too fast.
Lindner’s revision, “don’t be afraid to catch feels.”
If you’re feeling a deeper connection there’s a good chance the other person is too. If they aren’t, you’ve just saved yourself some time. She says either way, there’s little risk in being honest.

They used to say, “don’t talk about past relationships.”
Gut we learn a huge amount about ourselves from each relationship; what we like and don’t like. Lindner says talk about that learning in the beginning, then let it go.

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