You work out… you eat healthy… you fall in love… You get fat.
Well, not everyone. After-all, The American Fitness Index ranks Portland at at number five for overall fitness.
But some studies recently came out on love and weight gain. Research shows that people who live in really healthy relationships; lots of bonding and lots of love; tend to gain weight.

Scientists say you may take on your sweetheart’s habits. You may eat larger portions because your spouse needs larger plates of food. You cuddle more, and do chores together, instead of hitting the bike trail. Women tend to eat more sweets when they’re in a committed relationship.

When you were single, you ate smaller meals and healthier take-out. You worked-out more, you wanted to be perceived as a hottie, now you’re a home-body. And all those good vibes flowing through you, that sense of relaxation, actually boost your appetite.
Scientists say there are plenty of exceptions to the rules. You can read more research here.

Doc’s say, just remember to take care of yourself, whether you’re in love or not.