Looptworks; Excess Made Useful

Lucinda Kay, KXL

A local company has new partnerships with national brands to “UP-CYCLE” their waste. That means turning trash into high-end products. The new partnerships come from Nike, Delta Airlines, and the NBA.

You might think of it as the ultimate in re-gifting. It’s called upcycling, this Portland company takes waste from other companies around the nation and turns their waste into so-called, high-value products. The company is Looptworks and their tagline reads, “excess made useful”… like travel products made from all those old uniforms from delta airlines or fan swag designed from blazers jerseys no longer allowed to be on the market.

CEO and founder, Scott Hamlin says clothing industries produce some of the most waste and contamination around the world. He says recycling decreases a product’s value. Upcycling adds value to the materials.

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