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Portland, Ore. — On April 7, 2018, Rachelle Green’s 12-year-old son Payton was involved in a serious ATV accident in Riddle, Oregon.  Two days later he was taken off life support at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.  Rachelle made the difficult decision to donated Payton’s organs to other people in need.

“He had such a big heart, he loved helping others.  He loved helping kids, I mean when I found out, I got the letter about the recipients, every one of them was in their 20’s and I’m like my kid was 12.  He did that!”

She has taken to social media asking if anyone knows of someone who received his organs, of if they themselves were the recipients, to get in touch with her.

“It would help bring me closure” she said.

Mike Seely is the Executive Director for the Pacific Northwest Transplant Bank, he says while social media has changed the dynamics of how donor families and recipients can get in touch, it’s best to use their organization to facilitate the first contact. “Because not everyone is not in the same place at the same time to take this on.  It can be hard for either party, so if one party is very motivated and the other isn’t, it shouldn’t be taken that that person doesn’t want to communicate, it’s just that they need to get to the place where they can articulate it.”

If you or someone you know is either a organ donor or recipient and would like to know more about your gift of life, please contact the Pacific Northwest Transplant Bank for more information about how to make it happen.

Listen to KXL’s Jim Ferretti’s full interviews with both Rachelle Green and Mike Seely below.

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