Locals Take Spectacular Photos of the Gorge!

Have a passion for taking pictures outdoors? A lot of us do, and if you grab your phone to do that in the gorge, save your best shots, you can win a photography contest. Every year Friends of the Columbia Gorge hosts a photography contest and award prizes for several categories, including : Gorge Community Life (photos taken of and in Gorge communities), Human Works (petroglyphs and other art; infrastructure and examples of the sustainable built environment), Scenic Eastern Gorge, Scenic Western Gorge, Wildlife, Wildflowers & Other Flora, and Youth Photographer

This year’s Grand Prize winner is Dan Hawk of Portland. He’s a professional commercial photographer, but takes pictures of nature as a hobby. He won for a close up picture of a waterfall at Dry Creek Falls near the Pacific Crest Trail, and he also won for stunning shot of the fishing platforms at the Bridge of the Gods.


This year there were nearly 400 entries.  Also taking home prizes: Jan Sonnenmair of Portland, Laura Payne of Mosier, Karen Reeves from Portland, Pratyush Jaiswal, Bill Kirkland and Aidan Sweet—all from Portland. Honorable Mention: Mark Brunsman of Portland, Bill Kirkland-Portland, Regis Krug from Oregon City, Robert Meyers of Hood River, Sharon Philpott of White Salmon, Washington, Daniel Rappaport of Corbett, Linda Steider from White Salmon for two photos, and Rachel Witmer of Lake Oswego.

All of the photos are amazing!  You can see them here: https://gorgefriends.org/photocontest

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