Longview, Wash. – A local school board just voted to start some in-class teaching in a couple weeks, on October 19th.

The plan for the Longview Public School District right now is watch the latest covid-19 numbers. In a video posted on the district’s website, Superintendent Dan Zorn tells staff and parents, it all depends on what the virus does for the next couple weeks. He says they are following the data closely to see if this current spike flattens out and they’re using it in the decision making process.

The hybrid learning plan is to slowly reopen classrooms for a couple days a week, and do it by phases, allowing a small number of students back at a time, starting with pre-k to 2nd grade, then up to middle school and high school. He explains the class learning will start with the youngest kids first because they benefit the least from distance learning and show they are the least likely to spread the virus.

Some K through 2 students in the nearby Kelso school district have reportedly already gone back to partial in class learning.

This model could be used by other school districts, so we are watching to see how it works out.

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