Local Chocolate Company Has Won Over 100 Awards

If you want to start a restaurant, or in this case, a chocolate company, practice makes perfect!    Successful business plans have a lot of wins and loses before they even make it to market. Take Creo Chocolate for example.  Tim, Janet, and Kevin Straub started making chocolate about a dozen years ago in their kitchen at home, and gave a lot of it away to friends and family for several years, taking feedback and changing things up as they went along. They now have a thriving online business and a shop on NE Broadway in Portland.

It worked.  Creo Chocolates has already won over 100 awards for their chocolate making skills.   In one of the most recent wins 8 of their handcrafted chocolates won at the Academy of Chocolate in London this year.  Three white chocolate bars took gold and silver in the “White Bean to Bar Flavoured” category for 2022, including:

Gold:  Coffee & Cream White Chocolate

Silver: Meyer Lemon Pie White Chocolate

Silver: Strawberry & Hibiscus White Chocolate


Btw, the Academy of Chocolate was founded by five of Britain’s top chocolate professionals. It exists to help educate consumers about chocolate, from understanding ethical sourcing to training their palate.

I sampled about a dozen of the chocolates recently at the store on NE Broadway.   I don’t even love chocolate, but these really WOWED me!   Don’t take my word for it, go in and try for yourself.  They’re very generous with the samples at CREO!


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