Local Business Owner Reacts After Demonstrators Damage Shop In SE PDX That’s Openly Supporting BLM Movement

Portland, Ore. – A local business that has openly supported the Black Lives Matter movement was damaged by demonstrators over the weekend. The response from the business owner may surprise you. Photos posted by the Imperial Bottle Shop on Facebook show spray paint on walls and windows of the taproom and bottle shop on Southeast Division. In the past, the shop has put up BLM signs to show their support and currently has special deals with proceeds donated to the movement. There’s even a BLM paint rock at one of their locations. But Imperial’s owner Alex Kurnellas wasn’t mad about the graffiti. He posted a reply online saying he’s really upset that “BREONNA TAYLOR’S MURDERERS ARE STILL FREE.” He adds that it’s just a little paint, and the building owners will have it removed. Some regular customers have also volunteered to help clean up. Warning – some photos below contain explicit language.



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